Life goes nowhere and leaves no trace.
It does not begin.
It does not end.
All arises new in the Moment.

Forms and sensations arise in the Moment.
Hopes and plans arise in the Moment.
Memories and artifacts arise in the Moment.

All there is, could be, or could have been
arises in the Moment.
There is only the Moment.

Sit quietly and stop talking to yourself.


The realm of heaven and earth
is created by Awareness.
Universe unfolds in the direction of looking.

Thought creates objects of thought.
Desire creates objects of desire.
Mind creates objects of mind.

Telescopes create galaxies.
Microscopes create atoms.
Travel creates distant lands.

All arise in Awareness.

Awareness is the Source.
Awareness is the Realm.
Awareness is the Witness.

The multitudes appear to be aware,
but then, so do actors on a screen.
What can be said for sure?
Awareness is always and only Here.

Nothing exists without You.
Admit what you see!


When the body dies,
The world dies with it.
Awareness remains ever-present.

The world arises new in the Moment, as always.
Nothing is disturbed.


Stories begin and end.

Cling to your story
and you will go down with the ship.

Take one step back
and the story cannot touch you.
You are done with beginnings and endings.

Though the ship goes down,
there is no one aboard.


In the Moment, can there be duration?
In the Moment, is movement possible?

The Moment is still, eternal.
Time and motion cause no ripple.
It encompasses the far reaches
and holds them close.
It is the sole realm of Awareness.

There is no escaping it.


The Moment is singular, indivisible, complete.

Images swirl, but the Moment is unmoved.
Time passes, but the Moment goes nowhere.
Forms arise and vanish,
but the Moment is unchanged.

The Moment is eternally still,
yet it cannot be held.
It is all there is or will be.

It does not lead to other moments.


Absolute, Tao, God, One …
The Source of All has many names.
Names are meaningless.
It is the realm of no-name.

Here, Universe emanates …
Here, Awareness alone exists …
Here, Everything and No-thing are the same …